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Did You Hear the News? We're the Best in Lake Norman!

Jun 30, 2017   Pat   Professional Pet Sitters

We are honored to have been voted as the best pet service

Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

Mar 7, 2017   Pat Blaney   Professional Pet Sitters

In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, thought it would be good to review things to look at when hiring a professional pet sitter. If…  Read More »

Bark in the Park 2017

Feb 17, 2017   Pat Blaney   Pet Events

HUNTERSVILLE, NC:  The 2017 Bark in the Park Top Dog Festival presented by Purina and Harris Teeter will be held at Historic Rural Hill on…  Read More »

Halloween Safety for Dogs and Cats

Oct 27, 2016   Beth Crosby   Pet Safety

Many of us enjoy Halloween, whether we are kids yelling, "Trick or Treat” for candy or adults dressing up. While we are planning the…  Read More »

Why Is My Cat Losing Her Claws?

Aug 25, 2016   Beth Crosby   Cat claws

Have you ever found what looks like your cat's claw in the carpet or scratching post? Don't…  Read More »

Cool Summer Treats for Pets

Jul 8, 2016   Beth Crosby

During hot summer months, your pets like a cool treat as much as you do! Fortunately, you can share some human treats with your…  Read More »

Offering Options When Walking Dogs Can Minimize Chances of Dog Bites

Jun 14, 2016   Beth Crosby   Dog Walking Safety

Dogs are at heart, wild animals. They long to romp and…  Read More »

Pet Sitting Business Requires More than Love of Pets

May 1, 2016   Beth Crosby   Professional Pet Sitters

Many people tell us that we must have a great job just playing with dogs…  Read More »

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Apr 12, 2016   Beth Crosby   Pet Health

Health insurance is a hot topic these days, and pet insurance is another option to consider. Would you be able to do more for…  Read More »

11 Reasons Your Cat Needs Daily Visits When You Are Away

Mar 14, 2016   Beth Crosby   Cat Care

Cats are independent beings. They interact with us on their own terms, but…  Read More »

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